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Specialist Letting Agents

We are a fully qualified and accredited local lettings specialist so when renting through us you will deal with our dedicated advisers to ensure we find you exactly the right property to suit YOUR needs.

Safety First

All of our properties are given strict safety tests before you move in, ensuring peace of mind about your new home. Strict accreditation checks are carried out on all tradespeople and contractors employed by us have to carry all current and relevant insurance.


Quality Properties

As we want you to enjoy a good quality home environment, we do insist on the quality of properties we take on so that they are fully and legally compliant. This includes having an Energy Performance Certificate available so that you can assess the likely costs of your utility bills.

What we do for you

Our Services

In Scotland all agents require to be registered with the government. This ensures that they have to work to the law as set down for the regulation of rental. This ensures that when you rent via an agent you have to get that and it provides you with peace of mind.

Your deposit is safeguarded by a government-approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme. At the end of your tenancy, it is impartially assessed by one of our inventory professionals, with your deposit being refunded according to a fair and strict code of practice.

We have staff specifically trained to undertake inspections with you. These are important and normally undertaken at least every 6 months but usually more frequently. We also request that tenants report concerns to us as soon as they find them. Small issues are easily addressed when they are small issues.

We do not have a dedicated property manager per property. Our staff are available to all of our tenants.

They will

  • Deal with any queries you may have, acting on behalf of the Landlord
  • Handle maintenance matters and keep you clear on what is happening
  • Rent payments assistance with how and where to pay
  • Keep in regular contact with you to ensure you are happy in your property
  • Offer a 24-hour out-of-hours emergency contact, to provide assistance with any emergency maintenance matters which might occur

The emergency out-of-hours number for maintenance is 07956040872. This should only be used for emergency and not to report things that can wait until the office is open again.

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